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Pauluschkaa x Linenfox

A while back stumbled upon Pauline’s Instagram and her knits instantly matched with Linenfox pieces in our mind. A fresh take on how linens can be worn with something that will keep you warm during the cold seasons.  Grey stripes linen Kay shirt and Frankie trousers  Emerald green Robin dress With the right details, linens…

Woman wearing a white linen shirt and a pinafore linen apron layered on top
Home News: Linen Aprons

The new kitchen attire The Rita and Tulsi  Right on time. Before the festive season begins, a piece that will accompany all your cooking experiences. Created for kitchen, but can definitely serve wherever you might need it. The pinafore Rita apron is for those who like it a bit loose. Cross-back makes it easy to…

A classic double-breasted heavy linen coat
Lou Heavy Coat

We want to introduce You to Lou. We’ve created a new heavy linen outwear garment suitable for any season, inspired by the classic trench coat. Lou features details such as large wooden buttons, sleeve straps, epaulets, a decorative rain guard, and a functional vent for free movement. It is our most complex piece to make,…

Meet Marla

We’ve been admiring her lifestyle, honesty, and beautiful things she shares for quite a while now. Thought it’s about time to ask her a few questions and get to know her a little bit better even though we are thousands of miles apart. An inspiring woman with a beautiful soul we wanted to share with…

A button-down linen jumpsuit with an elasticated waist
Gingham Bandanas

that small, thoughtful detail Accessory to wear every day. Tied on a neck as a detail, or on your head  for sun protection. You asked we made it. And in the best possible pattern for those warm days: yellow, blue, and red gingham. As you know, we use as much fabric as possible and make…

That Frilly Collar

the romantic note: oversized frilly collar We thought oversized frilly collar is worth mentioning again. The 80’s vibe Molly dress and everyday silhouette Martha top.

I’m Custom Made

A happy customer is our priority and from the beginning to the end, we want to ensure a fluent conversation and make sure that the garment will meet your every expectation. As you know, every piece is made to order, and we have the capability to make some minor adjustments that would make the garment…

Linen summer dress with thin spaghetti straps
Love Your Linens

Linen was already available way before the introduction of special treatment cleansers, or dry cleaning, so its care is more relaxed than most think. A couple of basics how to treat your linens to make it last longer: WASHING When it is time to wash your linens, machine or hand wash it using mild detergents;…

An oversized yellow gingham linen shirt wit short sleeves
Spring Has Sprung

This spring we wanted to bring something different, something that could add a colourful tone to your wardrobe. Bright, joyful pattern that is known for many many many years. If you’ve been following us on social media, you might already know we’re talking about gingham linen fabric. It’s a pattern you either love it, or…

Important Message From Us To You

Online shopping has open so many possibilities to get pretty much anything we have in mind from around the globe. In a matter of seconds, you can get your cart full of different items. When you feel it is time to be better for the planet, you might choose to do sustainable shopping. Yet, it…