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About our brand

Linenfox started in 2014 from an idea to create long-lasting, sustainable pieces that could be affordable for many women out there who seek value and quality.


Online shopping has open so many possibilities to get pretty much anything we have in mind from around the globe. In a matter of seconds, you can get your cart full of different items. When you feel it is time to be better for the planet, you might choose to do sustainable shopping. Yet, it is not just about doing some research to find out about a brand’s values, fair wages, and cutting back carbon emissions. First of all, sustainable shopping is about getting through your wardrobe to set your shopping boundaries and pace


Our clothes are ones that are made with the wearer in mind. They are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and practical for the user. The materials used are carefully chosen to provide the best fit and feel. The cuts and shapes of the garments are made to flatter the body and make the wearer look their best. The details of the clothing, such as pockets, fastenings, and trims, are all carefully considered to provide the user with the best experience possible. Thoughtfully designed clothes are an investment in both style and comfort.


Clothes made by hand with 20 years of experience are truly a work of art. Every stitch is carefully crafted to create a unique piece of clothing that is sure to last for years to come. The attention to detail and dedication to quality is undeniable, as the clothes are made with the utmost care and precision. The linen fabrics used are also of the highest quality, ensuring that they will stand up to wear and tear. With all the experience, the craftsman behind these clothes are sure to provide a lasting impression that will be appreciated for years to come.


We have 26 professionals working under one roof, whom we value so much because we believe that permanent and positive relationships with a team build a stronger brand.

Linenfox team

Fabric Cutters
Helping Hands

This role is one of the hardest and requires deep and systematic technical knowledge in our production process. Our 2 constructors develop new models, optimize and work with the computerized equipment to ensure the highest production quality. Every day they lay out puzzle-like layouts, and design the patterns and methods to make your particular custom orders possible. 


The constructors know each model and sketch by hand and consult their fellow colleagues on any questions that emerge. And even after the decade in action, questions do appear quite often.



Delivering high quality and timeless linens for the finest comfort.
Woman in olive green linen outfit near lake
Coats & Jackets
Coats & Jackets
A woman wearing heavy linen black trousers
Summer v neck linen top