About us

Linenfox started in 2014 from an idea to create long-lasting, sustainable pieces that could be affordable for many women out there who seek value and quality. We’re always inspired by the everyday needs of nowadays women, our community who share their thoughts, which we listen to, and make all garments accordingly. In the times of rushing, we prioritize attention to details, communication, quality, and in selecting rather than accumulating. This is the reason why we make every garment to order. We have 20 professionals working under one roof, whom we value so much because we believe that permanent and positive relationships with a team build a stronger brand. Every piece is made from 100% natural linen, sourced locally, from Lithuania. A durable fabric that adapts to the skin and gets better with every wear. We care to be a part of a positive change in the clothing industry by making sustainable solutions within our business. We reduce fabric waste by selling fabric scraps, making scrunchies, fabric samples, and have garments that are made of multiple fabric pieces. Shipping garments in earth-friendly packages is one of our priorities, but sometimes, we have to choose an alternative that we know will definitely reach You.