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Linen for Well Lived Days.

Model sitting outside in a garden wearing summer linen set of wrap top and trousers in red gingham linen.

Sustainable Shopping

– Online shopping can be such a great experience. In a matter of seconds, you can get your cart full of different dresses and jackets. Although no matter how fun it might seem, you begin to feel that it is time to be better for the planet and that’s when sustainable shopping comes to mind.

Made to order

Every garment we make is made to order. As a sustainable business our goal is to save all resources making sure there’s no unnecessary wastage. This not only ensures that there’s no garments waiting on the shelf, but we can efficiently use our team's valuable time and make sure that all raw materials are being used wisely.


Every component of our made garments are tested and is harmless for human health. It is globally standardised and meets the new scientific or statutory requirements.


In our company work professional seamstresses with an experience of over 20 years, so precision to details is always a number one priority. Skills gained over years guarantees that every garment made is finished in best quality.

Choose by material

medium weight linen

The fabric is 205 g/M² medium weight linen, which is pre-washed and softened during the fabric manufacturing process.

Heavy weight linen

Heavy-weight (340g/M²) linen, which is suitable for all-season clothing. Because of its thick and woven texture, the fabric looks great when layered with lighter pieces in other textures and colors. The fabric is also preshrunk and softened during the manufacturing process to provide a pleasant feel to the skin.

An oversized waffle-like textured linen button down shirt tied in the front

Waffle linen

The fabric is 260g/M². It may look thicker than our regular linen, but the beauty of it is that it still has all the best qualities of it: allows skin to breathe, is smooth to the touch, absorbs and loses moisture so it’s great for hot climate, and of course, it gets even more beautiful with age.

Linen wool blend

Fabric contains 15 percent natural recycled wool, weights 230g/M², is soft, warm and durable. An ideal choice for transitioning weather.

model wearing an oversized linen dress with full length sleeves in red gingham linen

gingham linen

The weight of gingham linen is the same as that of regular medium-weight linen. Gingham linen is incredibly versatile, with its unique pattern making it suitable for a variety of styles.

Custom made order to fulfil Your needs

  • We can change the length of the garments: lengthen or shorten.
  • We can either take out the unwanted pocket, or if needed, add one.
  • If you can’t find Your wished color in the listing, we can make it in any other from all of the available ones.
  • All information about available free customizations can be found in every garment listings' description.
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model on a move wearing blue gingham linen set of relaxed trousers and wrap top with an oversized linen jacket in milky white


The woman behind Linenfox.

– Hey, I am Ingrida!

Our Linen Journey

Every linen-making process requires the attention of a human, even though machines are involved in every step.

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