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Linen Wool Blend

Discover the blend of comfort and sophistication with linen-wool garments. Unveil the unique qualities that make them a wardrobe essential.

Linen-wool blend garments harmonize the best of both fabrics – the breeziness of linen and the warmth of wool.

The combination of linen and wool creates garments that excel in both breathability and insulation. While linen ensures coolness and moisture-wicking properties, wool adds warmth and softness, making these garments suitable for various climates and seasons.

Linen’s natural texture and wool’s softness complement each other, resulting in garments with a luxurious yet durable feel. The blend’s inherent strength and resilience offer enduring wear, making linen-wool blend garments an investment in both style and longevity.

The inherent properties of linen and wool make these garments adaptable to changing weather conditions. They provide warmth when it’s cool and ensure breathability when it’s warm, offering a balance that suits transitional weather.


Custom made order to fulfil Your needs

  • We can change the length of the garments: lengthen or shorten.
  • We can either take out the unwanted pocket, or if needed, add one.
  • If you can’t find Your wished color in the listing, we can make it in any other from all of the available ones.
  • All information about available free customizations can be found in every garment listings' description.
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model on a move wearing blue gingham linen set of relaxed trousers and wrap top with an oversized linen jacket in milky white


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