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Waffle Linen

Waffle linen garments showcase a unique blend of texture, comfort, and style. These clothing items, crafted from three-dimensional-patterned linen fabric, offer a distinct appearance and enhanced breathability.

Waffle linen, characterized by its textured, grid-like pattern, adds depth and interest to clothing. This unique texture, achieved through a special weaving technique, gives linen garments a tactile appeal that sets them apart from conventional fabrics.

The natural breathability of linen combined with the air pockets created by the weave reminiscent of honeycomb results in garments that are not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable. This combination ensures that waffle linen clothing remains a go-to choice for warmer climates.

These textured linen garments, with their timeless texture and versatility, transcend fleeting trends. Their ability to seamlessly blend into different fashion eras makes them a sustainable and enduring addition to any wardrobe.


Custom made order to fulfil Your needs

  • We can change the length of the garments: lengthen or shorten.
  • We can either take out the unwanted pocket, or if needed, add one.
  • If you can’t find Your wished color in the listing, we can make it in any other from all of the available ones.
  • All information about available free customizations can be found in every garment listings' description.
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model on a move wearing blue gingham linen set of relaxed trousers and wrap top with an oversized linen jacket in milky white


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