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Sustainable Shopping

Online shopping can be such a great experience. In a matter of seconds, you can get your cart full of different dresses and jackets. Although no matter how fun it might seem, you begin to feel that it is time to be better for the planet and that’s when sustainable shopping comes to mind. Before trusting the brand, it is important to research about brand’s values, but it doesn’t just end here. First of all, sustainable shopping is about getting through your wardrobe to set your shopping boundaries and pace. To really understand what are the things you need, or just want, and make a well thought-through decision of buying. 

One of the issues with nowadays shopping habits is that it’s easy to order, order many versions of one garment, cancel/change order and so on. Whilst these habits are not such a big issue for big brands, for small and niche brands it’s quite challenging. Over the years we have noticed that some tend to change their minds about the purchase several days after order submission and request either changing or canceling the order. If that would be achievable for a brand with a huge warehouse, it is simply not the case for us. If production has already started and the garment is already cut, it has to be put aside until it gets its chance to get a new owner. We have a big variety of colors for many garments, so it is possible that this chance will never come, which means that we have wasted fabric, time, money, and effort. 

Although it is perfectly normal to change your mind or to want to rearrange your purchase, placing orders every 2-3 days throughout the week is also not very convenient to us. This could lead to confusion or misunderstandings which are never pleasant for both sides. If you are not certain what you need, we suggest waiting a few days or weeks. Do not rush. Let your mind settle so you could be one hundred percent sure that these are the pieces you really wish for. 

Shopping online can be tricky as you can never know what the item will look like in real life. Sometimes people order tons of clothes just because they want to try different colors or styles. This is a very common practice in fast fashion, but as a sustainable business we would like to try to discourage people from doing so. As a solution, you can always purchase our color samples before placing that well-thought-out order. Making a lot of garments in the same pattern but different colors usually means that some of the dresses will surely be returned. We would then have to stock those returned items until they can be resold – this could take months or even more. It also leads to investment in the fabric which is used for garments that are not sold, making the lead time much longer and usually not acceptable by many.

It is also worth mentioning that when purchasing online, the listing images are just as important as the item description. Each garment is designed differently, therefore what usually fits you, might not apply here. Look at the measurements and compare them. If there is something questionable or unclear, our team is always ready to help you.

One last thing regarding the customisation process. It is hard for us to figure out how long the dress should be for a person who is about 5’2” tall”, but we can certainly tell if we can make it 36” long. When you know precisely what you want to have, we can accurately tell you whether we are capable of making your idea a reality. Knowing specific measurements would save us time and help both you and us greatly.

In addition to communication, we would be immensely grateful if you let us know when there is no need for you to receive another spare set of fabric swatches. You see, they are made manually, each placed into the envelopes by our collogue Rita and the process takes a lot time and patience. We highly value the effort of our team, and it would be great if you help us and just write in the note section saying that you already got one.

As the old saying goes – communication is key. If you have any doubts, questions or wants, feel free to contact us. Our team is always here to help. We are also open to suggestions so if anything’s on your mind, we will appreciate your remarks and will take them into consideration.