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Spring & Summer greetings

The days are slowly getting longer and spring and summer are just around the corner. It goes without saying that linen is a staple fabric for the warm seasons with its breathability, comfort, and softness. So, in this blog, we introduce some inspiration for your closet of essentials for upcoming months.

For the Spring and Summer of 2024, we have expanded the assortment of gingham linen garments. From now on it is available for the pieces you have been waiting for – Soja top and Margo dress. The fabric is lightweight, thin, breathable, and available in 5 colors. In addition, gingham linen effortlessly adapts to different styles and preferences, making it a wardrobe staple. It truly brings a touch of nostalgia to fashion yet remains relevant for years ahead.Β To align this beautiful checked pattern we always cut the gingham linen fabric by hand. Therefore, you can be sure that these vibrant designs are handmade with love, care, and precision.

Our garments are not only stylish but incredibly comfy, making them versatile for both casual wear and semi-formal looks. In fact, we love designs that can fit any figure and offer room for movement. Especially in summer, and those scorching hot days. So, with 100% natural linen garments you do not need to worry at all. All-time classic and modern wrap dresses, tops, wide-leg trousers, and shorts provide the needed functionality. Choose neutral or some vibrant and cheeky color tones for a timeless appeal.Easily mix the garments and embrace your personal style. Finally, opt for a relaxed, breezy, and laid-back spirit.