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Perfect Winter Dress – Margo

Winter is just around the corner, and if you are a fan of linen you’re probably considering what clothing purchases are worthwhile. Investing in a dependable dress that you can wear repeatedly throughout the upcoming winter months is a perfect and sustainable choice. And that dress is called Margo.

A woman in long smock dress in grey linen wool blend
margo linen wool blend dress in green worn by woman

Margo is a universal smock dress that is simple yet stylish. It features a high-waist bodice, a full-length skirt, and raglan sleeves. Oversized and roomy, so it will fit any figure. You will feel cozy and warm if you choose our linen and wool blend fabric option. This fabric contains 15% natural recycled wool, that is durable and feels soft along the skin. Most importantly, the dress will help to regulate body temperature. In fact, the material will still have the breathability of linen while also providing the warmth needed for colder temperatures.

a woman in margo linen wool blend dress in blue
linen wool blend color options in a close- up

It goes without saying that Margo dress is simply perfect – keeping you warm without overheating. We have 6 rich options for linen and wool blend dresses. They will match with other clothing accessories and help you embrace the winter aesthetic.

The Margo dress is also available in medium-weight linen if you want more bright and cheerful colors for the holidays. Comfortable and oh, so cozy for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any festive occasion.

model wearing loose fit linen dress in red color

a woman near the lake wearing a long dress in beige linen wool blend

oversized burgundy red linen dress

We always highlight the importance of creating capsule wardrobe pieces. While a mix of linen and wool blend fabric is thick, a medium-weight linen dress is lighter and made from thinner linen fabric. Nevertheless, layering if needed, would be the key to coming up with a cozy look. We are very proud to say that this soft, warm, A-line dress is a perfect dress to invest in for the fall /winter season.