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Ode To Summer

Oh, those days when linen can be enough. We know that some of you live in a climate where the sun gives the pleasure of warmth all year round, but here, where we have all four seasons, summer is much loved and later missed. Our last summer action outside shooting our staple pieces like the beloved sets of linen trousers and tops, the classic white linen dresses, the flowy ones, and much more. It was hot two days, 31 degrees Celsius all day, but not gonna lie, wearing linens both days helped the team.

Every year we try to discover new ways to mix and match different pieces and make an outfit look unique. We love experimenting with colors to see how eventually those linens come together very well. But at the same time, more earthy tones are what draw us when the temperature drops outside. Either way, no matter the season, it’s about personal expression, and if it feels like wearing a bright linen piece on a gloomy autumn day, why not?