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About Sale Category

We have a special category dedicated to discounted linen items on our website called SALE. But there are a few important things to know about it.

In this section, you might come across clothing items that have some minor imperfections or alterations. Such alterations could include changes to the hem length, sleeves, or neckline. This means that each of item is unique and different from the original design.

Sometimes an item might have some imperfections. It can be only a small fabric defect – a woven process mistake that you can’t even spot. Our keen eye does, but that does not minimize the whole quality and appearance of the garment. We make sure to mention all of the details clearly in its name and description. However, items without any additional specifications are made to standard measurements and have no visible defects.

You may also find some discontinued designs and colors. It goes without saying that such clothes are available only in limited quantities. Our last remaining pairs that would fit someone perfectly.

It’s important to note that all purchases made from this category are final. We don’t offer any exchange or refund options.

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