Your Top Five

Seeing the tendency of your shopping lately we noticed that some pieces are particularly popular so we thought we’ll share those top five favorites with you. If you’re familiar with our philosophy, we create new pieces that do not reflect current trends, we want to add new garments that are beyond that and can be available for a long time on our website because they’re just timeless. So as our pieces, so as this list – goes beyond time trends, and will be available for purchase years ahead.

Let’s begin!

Frankie trousers

A model wearing green natural linen wide leg trousers
Pine green linen trousers on a model

It has all features of comfort: high waist barrel fit, elasticated waistband in the back, a practical front button and three belt loops for your choice of belt if needed. ⁠
Easy to style for casual or semi-formal looks.⁠

Soja top

French model wearing wrap linen top in terracotta color
Linenfox model is wearing soft linen pants

A top designed with summer in mind. Cropped cut, wrap Soja top features long belt which can be tied around whichever way you like. Create a monochromic look with high waisted trousers or mix in some color.

Vika shirt

A woman in long sleeve linen broen shirt
A model sitting in brown linen shirt with matching trousers

A long linen shirt, and you will not take it off. Its long sleeves boast sleeve buttons, and two chest pockets make this style super attractive, not to mention the long hem with two side slits and sharp-looking collar united into one sleek look.

Margo dress

A woman wearing oversized smock dress in grey linen wool blend
A woman in long smock dress in grey linen wool blend

The dress comes in an oversized silhouette and features full-length raglan sleeves. ⁠⁠
Discover Margo for effortless everyday looks.

Bill jacket

Woman in olive green linen outfit near lake
Relaxed fit heavy linen olive utility jacket and trousers outfit

The Bill utility jacket is a functional piece that is casual yet stylish. Designed to have a relaxed fit, the garment looks great on every body type. Three patch pockets are both functional and unique at the same time. Folded collar and buttoned cuffs give a nice, simple touch, completing the look of the jacket. ⁠