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We love how this scrunchie takes us back to the ’90s! With this hairband in our collection, we can reduce our fabric waste and be sure that someone’s hair stays in place. You can match the scrunchie with an outfit of the same color or have fun by putting scrunchies of different colors to the hair. Feel free to play!

Medium size (M)  – head circumference from 22″/55.9cm to 22.7″/57,8cm

The garment comes in a heavy-weight (340 g/m2) linen, which is suitable for all-season clothing. Because of its thick and woven texture.

The item should be washed in low-temperature water (30-40C) on a gentle cycle. Avoid tumble drying to prevent color fading. Use environment-friendly laundry detergent. Do not bleach. Take the clothes out while they are still damp and air-dry. To remove wrinkles, iron the inside out, and set a low heat on the iron.

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